A few years ago I sat down and did some math.  If a student in our youth ministry comes to every program/service we offer during a week (including "big church") from the time they start 6th grade to the time they graduate high school - that's roughly 4 hours a week for 6 years - we get about 1% of their time in middle and high school.


What are we doing with that 1%?


08/30/2011 14:50

Challenging thought Tim. A few things it leads me to think about are how we partner with parents and training leaders who can have deeper relationships with a few students.

09/02/2011 07:29

I hear you Wayne. Parents are the primary source of spiritual formation - for better or for worse - in their children's lives. And no matter how quality our time with students is, the QUANTITY of time spent elsewhere demands we make an impact outside our programs!

11/01/2011 10:46

great article, got me thinking about our ministry. I did the math too, we worked out to about 1.9%


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