My students and I have been having a lot of fun with Fatbooth - an app for Android and iOS phones.  Whenever you're sitting around hanging with them you can start taking pictures and hilarity ensues.

I took it to the next level on the last night of our "Remade" series.  I pulled some students pics off Facebook and made this video (I told a few of them - girls specifically - before the service to clear it with them and give them a heads up so they weren't caught off guard!).  It was a HUGE hit!

All you need to pull off something similar for your next service is the Fatbooth app, pics of your kids (check their Facebook albums!), a basic video editing program, and about an hour to pull it off.

Let me know if you do!
I'm so proud of our graduating seniors!  This class is extra-special to me, as many of them have been a part of our ministry since they were 7th graders, which means they are my first class of graduates that I've seen all the way through middle and high school!

Hello!  Man, it's been a while since my last post, which I really regret... but it's been for good reason!  Not only have we moved in to the summer - the "busy" (maybe "busiER" is a better word) season of youth ministry - and been on vacation, but one week ago we launched our new youth midweek service, IMPACT!

As you can imagine, it's been CRAZY busy getting all the moving pieces together to pull off the service and it was a HUGE success!  In the next week or two I hope to bring you a virtual tour of our redone youth space, some posts about the content we're bringing to students that I'm excited about, and my ideas/vision for the future.

Until then, enjoy the pic of our stage area above and know that YM Stuff isn't closed just yet!