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Cincinnati Beard Community
10/30/2010 06:12

Hey Tim,

This monday is the first day of the Cincinnati Beard Community beard "grow n show". that means there are few things you need to do in preparation. you MUST do this before or on November 1st.

1) go to www.flickr.com and create an account
2) join the flickr group "Cincinnati Beard Community" - http://www.flickr.com/groups/cincybeards/
3) take a picture of you clean shaven and remember to be as creative as possible
- no photoshopping or altering your photos. you can tweek the sharpness and contrast a bit if you want, but we want these pretty natural.
- you must upload at least every other day, otherwise you are ejected from the community.
- everyday you should comment on other beards and vote the people you think have the best picture as "King Beard"- to which there will be a winner everyday.
-theme weeks will follow shortly.

- if you have an email address, it would be great to have otherwise look for updates on facebook or the flickr page.
-if you have questions, concerns, or whatever, you can email cincybeards@gmail.com

good growing!


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