This weekend I'm teaching part 4 of our Bible Study series on making wise decisions.  I've really enjoyed this study out of Lifeway's Known curriculum (check it out at www.lifeway.com/known).

We're reading Genesis 25:29-34 - the story of Esau trading his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup - and pulling out some mistakes Esau made in his decision making process and applying them to our lives.  Here is an overview/summary of the study:

Title:  Decisions: Avoid the Pitfalls
Big Question: How can I keep from making bad decisions?
The Answer: Avoid some of the common pitfalls that lead to bad decisions.
Scripture: Genesis 25:29-34, the story of Esau trading away his birthright.

Quick Outline:
1. Take care of yourself physically.  (Esau made a huge decision when he was tired - big mistake!)
2. Don't make big decisions impulsively.  (Esau made this decision in a matter of minutes.  Yikes!)
3. Don't make a BIG deal out of a little deal.  (Esau traded his birthright away because he was hungry.  HUNGRY.)
4. Consider the cost.  (Esau did not really consider the cost of his decision.)

- Tim B.


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