This blog isn't that great.  Seriously.  I love writing it, and I love connecting with others in youth ministry through it, but there ARE some really good YM blogs out there!

One of them is DougFields.com.  Do I even need to tell you who DF is?  If you're here, chances are you know already.  Of course, his blog is full of great stuff, and you should stop hanging around this janky site and head over to his - RIGHT NOW!
There are a lot of great youth ministry sites out there that every youth worker should have saved to her/his bookmarks!  One of those is Jonathan McKee's MASSIVE collection of everything YM related - games, messages, resources of every type - called TheSource4YM.

I can't tell you how many times I've been hard-pressed at the last minute for a game, message-idea or illustration, etc., and found my way to the source and a solution!  Every youth worker should know about The Source!  I can honestly say I haven't even scratched the surface of the content the site has to offer.

Check out JM's site by clicking right here, and be sure to drop him some feedback and let him know what you think!

- Tim B.