Wanted to share an amazing game our youth have been loving!  Nine-Square-in-the-Air is a super fun hybrid of the classic game 4-Square and volleyball.  We first had it at our fall lock-in earlier this year, and it was a huge hit!  Youth were literally playing it all night long.  We also did an open gym/game night event this past weekend with 9-Square, and it was a big hit again!

Click here to visit the official website.  Confession - we built our own.  It uses a little more duct-tape and prayer to hold it together than the official set, but we put it together for a little less than $200.  If you've got the budget though, I'd definitely go with the official set.

It really is a lot of fun, anyone can play (it requires very little skill), and kids actually invite their friends just to play it!

Do you have any games/activities that bring kids out like Nine-Square has for us?