Well, we made it there and back on our summer mission adventure with Group's Week of Hope in Indianapolis.  It was a fantastic week, with lots of steps forwards for our students, and I'm so proud of every single one of them!  We served in lots of different ways - clearing and planting gardens, home repair, visiting senior centers, and working with children at boys and girls clubs.  I also had the (super-last-minute) privilege of leading worship, and our students did an awesome job jumping in there helping with that as well.

I'm still in recovery mode, but I'm super-grateful to God for an awesome week and how He showed Himself to us!
Stumbled on a great site today called Essentials.tv.  The site contains all of the promotional, educational, and illustrative videos from the North American Mission Board.  You can browse through the entire library and download the videos for FREE!

Our pastor is using the video above for his Easter Sunday sermon, and I'm sure we'll use more of the videos in the very near future.