You can listen to the message from this past week's youth service by clicking right here.  It was a great night, and I've been doing good at keeping the messages around 20 minutes or less.  Let me know what you think!
Our next talk series on Wednesday nights is coming up in a couple weeks.  Here's the rundown!


SUMMARY: A walk through the book of Mark looking at some of the amazing things that Jesus did with a focus on what He has power over and how that applies to our lives.

WEEK 1 - He Healed the Sick
Mark 1:40-42.  Jesus has power over our weaknesses.

WEEK 2 - He Calmed a Storm
Mark 4:35-41.  Jesus has power over our circumstances.

WEEK 3 - He Fed 5,000
Mark 6:30-44.  Jesus has power over our needs.

WEEK 4 - He Died on the Cross
Mark 15:21-32.  Jesus has power over sin.

WEEK 5 - He Rose from the Grave
Mark 16:1-8.  Jesus has power over death.

By the way - it's been brought to my attention that my friends at Simply Youth Ministry offer a series called "He Did What?" that is similar to this.  I didn't copy theirs, or try to steal it in any way, it's just a huge coincidence!  Also, I'm sure theirs is much better than mine, so click right here to check out their series (and other great resources).
You can listen to the message from our final night of "Now is the Time" by clicking right here!
You can listen to the second message from our "Now is the Time" series by clicking right here.  Enjoy!