This Easter season our church has launched a pretty massive marketing campaign called "Find It Here".  The campaign is designed to engage people in a multitude of ways - tangibly and through media outlets - with a simple, straightforward invitation to attend a church service (specifically Easter Sunday service) at FBC Cold Spring.

The state community of churches we belong to - the Kentucky Baptist Convention ( - has put out 30-second TV and radio spots that will air in the several weeks leading up to Easter.  On the local-end of things, we distributed around 3,000 door-hanging bags to as many homes in the community surrounding our church.  Each bag contains both a Find It Here pamphlet and a half-page sheet with information on our Easter weekend events/services and an upcoming revival the week after Easter (which I just so happened to design - check it out below!).

I'm really interested to see how effective this campaign is.  In the past I've done a lot of neighborhood canvassing for Vacation Bible School, Sports Camps, and other children's activities, and only met with mild success.  However, this campaign has so many facets to it - the TV and radio spots, a strong online element, and then the local touch of door-to-door delivery (which always leads to at least a few one-on-one conversations in neighborhoods).

I hope we'll see much fruit over the next few weeks!


07/11/2011 20:47

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