This is a great activity you can do with your students anytime of year, but especially at Easter since there it is such an EGG-citing time.  I just can't help myself...

Anyway, this activity leads in to a discussion about what you put your hope in.  I use it around Easter and talk about putting our hope in the One who died and rose again, and how the resurrection is assurance to the believer that our hope is not misplaced but Jesus has indeed triumphed over death!

First, break students in to small groups of 3-4.  Give each group a bag filled with random craft supplies (string, paper, cotton balls, dixie cups, pipe cleaners, etc. - basically whatever's lying around!).

Tell them that they have ten minutes to construct a "vehicle" in which they must place an egg.  The "vehicle" must protect the egg because you're going to drop it from a height (we have a fire escape at our church that works perfectly, a tall step ladder would work fine as well).

NOTE - do NOT give them the eggs before hand.  You MUST be able to put the egg in just before the launch.  Not only will students be able to "cheat" by wrapping up their egg in all their supplies making it virtually indestructible, but you may have egg on your face, literally, if you let them have raw eggs before hand.

Once they're finished, take them OUTSIDE and drop the eggs, one at a time.  It's super-fun to see which ones survive and which ones don't.  Afterward, come back inside and use some of these questions to move in to your lesson.

1. Which design was the best?  The worst?
2. If you were the egg, which "vehicle" would you get in?  Which one would you NEVER get in?
3. What are some things people put their hope in for security, protection, peace, etc. in this life?

And take it from there!  Have fun!!!

- Tim B.


04/23/2011 07:59

Hi Tim, Loved your idea. Can I translate it into Portuguese and use it in my blog in Brazil? Please answer me ASAP.

04/23/2011 09:23

Great idea. I used to do this with my students when I taught in an elementary gifted program but never thought of using it with youth in the church. This would be a great activity for one of the Sunday's following Easter Sunday.

04/25/2011 08:21

Thanks Brian! And Ana, I am SO sorry, I didn't have a chance to log on with the Easter weekend craziness. If it's not too late, OF COURSE you can republish! In fact, take this as a standing invitation to republish/edit/steal/whatever ANYTHING I publish on here!!! :)

04/29/2011 03:22

Try using jello to suspend the egg within a jar. this is proven to work.


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