Last night's message at Youth Group was called "Help Me Grow".  Here's some highlights:

- Growing in our faith is crucial!  Jesus set the example for us in this (Luke 2:52) and the Bible reinforces that we are to "crave" growth (1 Peter 2:2) and "grow up into... Christ" (Eph. 4:14)

- Christians grow in their faith by doing some basic things.  They spend time with God, spend time in the Word, spend time with other Christians, spend time serving others, and spend time sharing their faith.

- If you spend no time doing these things, you won't grow.  If you spend very little time doing these things, you'll grow very little.  If you spend a LOT of time doing these things, you'll see a lot of growth in your life.

- It's not unlike owning a goldfish.  They grow to the size of the bowl/tank they're in.  Little bowl/little time invested in your faith = little fish/little growth.  BIG HUGE BOWL/lots of time invested in your faith = BIG HUGE FISH/lots of growth in your walk!

Good times!


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