I HATE coming up with games for Youth Group every week.  I like leading them, I like playing them, and I like the excitement it brings to our time together, but I despise having to come up with them every week.  It's definitely not my strong suit.

That's why I LOVE the NBC game show "Minute to Win It".  It's like God heard the cries of desperate youth ministers everywhere and gave us this show.  If you haven't checked out the official website yet, do it right now by clicking here.

On the site there's a complete listing of the games they use, plus video demonstrations.  What a life-saver! I went through the list earlier today and wrote down the ones I thought would work well for me.  Here they are - it might save you some time going through them all on your own.

Back Flip, Broomski Ball, Bite Me, Caddy Stack, Candelier, Candy Elevator, Cantagious, Don't Blow the Joker, Extreme Hanky Panky, Face the Cookie, Go the Distance, How's It Hangin, Junk in the Trunk, Penny Hose, Pink Elephant, Stick the Landing, Sticky Situation.

Hope this helps you!

- Tim B.


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