We all know that some people learn best by hearing, some learn best by seeing, and some learn best by doing.  It's important for us as youth workers to engage students in a multi-sensory capacity so that we can give them an opportunity to encounter God's truth in the way that speaks to them most effectively.

So, whenever an opportunity presents itself for me to teach with words, visuals, and something tangible, it's exciting.  Last week I spoke on the cross, and during a response/prayer time at the end, I tried to engage students visually, audibly, and tangibly.  First, we had a video playing (see below) featuring a "Jesus Painter" (there are several of them, I'm not sure which one he was) that students could watch.  During the video the song "By His Wounds" was playing.  Finally, I gave each student a 10-inch metal spike to hold during this time, as a reminder of the price Jesus paid for us and as a physical point of focus.  They were able to take these home as well as a reminder/keepsake of the night.  

It was a great experience!  I recommend it, but with this disclaimer - I gave out the spikes BEFORE the message, and did so with a VERY strict admonishment that they were for a prayer experience later in the night and they were NOT to be used to stab your neighbor, or poke holes through the pages of the youth room Bibles, or carve your name on the back of a chair, etc. etc.  Because I did this I think it went well, but I think it's crucial that you address the potential distraction that they could be (this goes for any tangible illustration you use).

Let me know if you use this and how it goes!


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