I've discovered this week that I have a desperate need for margin in my life.  If you read down a couple posts, you'll see that I had the best intentions to write short posts each day reflecting on the cross.  I really did want to do this - I even selected 6 Scripture passages and had basic thoughts laid out for each one.  However, the week completely got away from me and I only ended up getting one post out.

Granted, I know it's not the best season of life right now when it comes to creating "extra space" for reflection, prayer, and private worship.  The new baby, Easter season, and getting ready to head to Austin, Texas for my brother-in-law's wedding has made for a blurry week.  But regardless of how busy life is, I've GOT to make the effort to make time for God and to invest in time alone with Him.

So, here's hoping that over the next few weeks I can find time to breathe, relax for a few minutes, and find some much-needed margin.

How about you?  Are you creating time each day to spend in personal prayer/reflection/study/worship?  If not, do you need to?

- Tim


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