Last night's message - part 3 in our series on Obedience - was called "Blind Faith".  We studied the call of Abram in Genesis 12:1-5, and learned three things about what it means to have blind faith and how it relates to true obedience to God.

#1 - Having blind faith means obeying even when it doesn't make sense.  Abram's call to leave his land, his family, and his father's house (inheritance, legacy, etc.) didn't make a whole lot of sense, yet he did it anyway.  In the same way, we're called to obey God even when it goes against our human logic.

#2 - Having blind faith means obeying even when we don't have all the details.  If you read Gen. 12:1-5 closely it says that God told Abram to go to a place He would reveal to him.  In other words, Abram didn't know exactly where he was going at first!  God just said get up and go, and I'll show you the way while you are on the way.  For us, we can't always see the big picture, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't obey God (that's why it's called faith!).

#3 - Having blind faith means obeying even when we are afraid.  Later in Genesis (15:1) God encourages Abram to "not be afraid".  Abram must have been terrified to leave his entire life - his security, support, family, etc. - behind.  But God reassured him that He would be his shield and his reward would be "very great".  That promise still stands for us today - when we follow God He will be our shield and our reward will be very great!

I encourage you - have blind faith.  Follow God even when it doesn't make sense, when you don't have all the details, and when you are afraid!  Surrendering to God's will never leads to regret, but instead you will discover a whole new life and way of living that far exceeds anything you can possibly imagine!

Stay strong.



12/28/2010 19:21

Nice!I learn a little bit more every week about what being a SAHD means.

01/27/2011 19:18

Everybody is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.


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