This Friday we're having our youth ugly sweater Christmas party.  I thought I'd post the schedule for the party, in case it might be useful to you as you plan some holiday fun for your youth group!

7:00 - Kids arrive, pizza, snacks, music playing, meet and greet, guests fill out info cards.

7:15 - Big group games, videos, etc. in youth room.

8:00 - Practice for kazoo flash mob.  Yeah, we're doing this.

8:15 - Split into groups/teams and leave for local Wal-mart.  Instead of doing a gift exchange this year, we're having each student bring $5 and using that money to do a sort of scavenger hunt grocery shopping trip to stock our church's food pantry.  After the last group checks out, we're all meeting by the registers up front at Wal-mart to do a kazoo flash mob.  I'm so excited about this part!  We'll probably have about 30-40 of us kazooing Christmas carols.  EPIC.

9:30ish - Back from Wal-mart, count up and put away food items, devotion and prayer over food pantry.

9:45 - Dessert, four-on-a-couch and mafia (big group games) until the end (11:00).

That's it!  Are you planning a Christmas party or event this year?


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