Tonight we're wrapping up our "Grinches" series by talking about "missing the point" of Christmas.  Obviously, we'll wrap it all up by talking about what the true meaning of Christmas is.  Our Scripture is John 1:1-5 & 14, and as an illustration of the incarnation being light entering in to darkness we'll turn out all the lights in our worship space and light a single candle.  We'll spend a few minutes in silence praying/reflecting on the birth of Christ as the moment that God's light broke through the darkness of our world, and then sing the chorus of "O Come All Ye Faithful" to end.

Before students leave I'm giving each one a Ziploc bag with a tealight candle and a card with the graphic above printed on it.  The hope is that sometime over the next week and a half they will find some time on their own to reflect on John 1, the incarnation, and light breaking in to darkness.

I'd love to share this with you - you can download a Word document with the card above that you can reproduce and use in any way you want!  Click right here to download the "Light" prayer card (tip - right click and select "save target/link as").


- Tim B.


Brian Kirk
12/20/2010 11:32

12/20/2010 11:34

Tim, I can't believe I haven't visited your site before. You are sharing excellent resources. We are adding you to our blogroll and will be regularly sending youth workers your way. Thanks! Brian

12/20/2010 12:33

Thanks Brian! Yeah, I've been blogging for a while but just recently narrowed my focus to just blogging on YM and open-sourcing a lot of the stuff I'm creating/using on a regular basis. I love Rethinking - I've been reading it for a while and have been challenged a lot and found some great ideas/inspiration. Thanks again!

02/17/2011 00:59

Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.


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