So last Sunday night I gave a talk to the adults in our church called "Youth Culture: Challenges and Opportunities".  The message is a (brief) overview of 5 areas of youth culture - technology, pop culture, family, sexuality, and spirituality - and the challenges and opportunities for the church in each area.

I may have been a little overconfident in trying to cover this much content in such a short time, but received a lot of good feedback from some of our adult youth and children's ministry workers and parents and grandparents in the congregation.

If you want to listen to YC:C&C, click right here.  I'd love your feedback!

I'm hoping to take this material and share it with other churches and teams sometime in the future as well (contact me if you'd like me to do this seminar or one like it at your church!).

- Tim B.


05/05/2011 01:53

A contented mind is perpetual feast.

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Fool‘s haste is no speed.

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A great ship asks for deep waters


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