"I don't want to talk about You, like You're not in the room; want to look right at You, sing right to You."

So good!
Good words.
Great video from Student Life!
Stumbled on a great site today called Essentials.tv.  The site contains all of the promotional, educational, and illustrative videos from the North American Mission Board.  You can browse through the entire library and download the videos for FREE!

Our pastor is using the video above for his Easter Sunday sermon, and I'm sure we'll use more of the videos in the very near future.

This morning Trisha, Grayson, and I drove around to check out various groups from our church serving in our community.  Our students were involved in some of these groups, and they did an awesome job!  Here's a short video I made that we'll use in worship tomorrow.

- Tim B.
Short, to the point, challenging.
- TB
This song expresses what I and a lot of other youth workers feel for our students!

- Tim B.
I shot this video last night after youth group with one of our students and one of our adult leaders for our pastor's "Bridging the Generation Gap" series.

To me, this video sums up what relational youth ministry is all about.  Amber started attending our church but did not participate in our youth ministry for over a year.  When Angie started working with our students, she told Amber she would pick her up and bring her with her to our midweek youth service.  Amber hasn't missed a single youth gathering since then!

This video, and more importantly this relationship, is a big win for me in YM.  I want to foster more and more of this in our ministry!

- Tim B.
The folks over at Mars Hill in Seattle have offered up a FREE 30-minute short film called "Good Friday" which depicts the last hours of Jesus' life leading up to the crucifixion.  The film runs about 30 minutes, and it is pretty gritty and bloody, to be quite honest.  You can definitely see the "Passion of the Christ" influence, but this one is of course shorter and in my opinion more accessible.

This could be an option for you if you do a Good Friday service for your students.  Just be sure to send home notice about the film's content to parents/families before you show it.

You can watch and download the film at whokilledgod.com.

- Tim B.
Love this!  You can pick up a copy at Sermon Spice.

- Tim B.