I'll be honest - becoming a "famous" youth worker is something I've daydreamed about.  The idea of speaking on a big stage to thousands of teenagers and/or adults seems like an opportunity afforded to those who have really "made it".  

But it's a dangerous dream to have.

That's why I love Doug Fields (one of those famous youth workers) post at his blog today.  You should definitely head over and check it out, right now!

- Tim B.


03/19/2011 14:57

Quick answer, no. First, being an introvert, I'd be exhausted talking to people all the time. Secondly, being in the spotlight... always being examined... I don't like that idea.

07/06/2011 23:34

Fool‘s haste is no speed.

07/21/2011 00:49

A great ship asks for deep waters


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