Our Christmas teaching series in YM this year is called "Grinches".  We're looking at four different things that "steal" the true meaning of Christmas way from us.  Yesterday we tackled Grinch #1 - materialism.

Here's a quick outline of where we went during the study:

- Series intro.
- What is materialism?
- How can we tell if we are materialistic?
- What does the Bible say about materialism?
- Read Matthew 6:19-21.
- What is the problem with setting your heart on "stuff"?  (It is temporary.)
- What are treasures in Heaven?
- Why should we focus our hearts on Heavenly treasures instead of earthly ones?  (HT's are permanent.)
- Where are our hearts focused this Christmas?
- Small group discussion.

Great kick-off to the series - excited about this one!  Next up is selfishness.

- Tim B.


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